Drs. Martine and Dennis Gary

We recommend Maureen Culp very highly. Below are some details on why we make such a strong recommendation.

Over the last 45 years, we have lived in Colorado, Vancouver (BC), Los Angeles, and now Riverside, a suburb of Chicago. We have searched for and purchased real estate in many forms including single-family houses (from landmark old to modern), townhouses, mountain property, ski condominiums, rental apartment houses, single-family lots, and weekend cabins. We have probably dealt with several dozen realtors during our searches and purchases over the years.

Most recently, we asked around among our Chicago friends for a realtor to help us find a weekend cabin in Michigan. Based on one very strong recommendation we contacted Maureen Culp, a Broker Associate at RE/MAX Harbor County, Union Pier, Michigan. Flat out, she has been simply the best realtor we have ever worked with in buying or selling any kind of property.

We had been looking at friends’ units and surfing the internet when we met her, so we had a little knowledge of the market. She helped us immediately to formalize and expedite our search, make an offer, negotiate a contract, and finally close on a place. It all happened very efficiently and at a pace that was comfortable for us. And we have been very happy with the process, and our choice ever since.

Maureen was on top of every issue. She would bring up topics well in advance of when they needed to be addressed. When we asked questions, she would have concrete answers and/or suggestions much faster than we expected. She understood our interests and needs so well that she was able to give us practical feedback for our decision processes that genuinely related to our needs and could never have been interpreted as being motivated by any self-interest. Even when we chose not to respond to a counter offer, she completely supported us without any reservation.

Some of her professionalism undoubtedly comes from the education and credentials that she has taken the effort to pursue: Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS, only 4% of agents in the country have pursued such certification), and Resort and Second home Property Specialist (RSPS). But we think the key to her having impressed us so much is her understanding of how to integrate her professional experience so effortlessly into the buyer’s search for and purchase of a property. She was there doing the things that we needed from her when we needed them. And she was ready to step aside whenever we needed time on our own to make up our minds.

We simply cannot think of any one thing where she misunderstood us, was slow to respond, or gave us poor advice. And on top of all of that, she is a bright, friendly and very pleasant person to work with. We genuinely recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a second home in southwestern Michigan, and suspect that she would be an excellent realtor in virtually any other domestic real estate ventures in the area.

It was a real pleasure to deal with such a professional and pleasant realtor. We are happy to be able to recommend her to others.